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    Urug Indigenous Village is located in Kampung Desa Kiara Urug Pandak Sukajaya District

    Urug Indigenous Village is located in Kampung Desa Kiara Urug Pandak Sukajaya District. Cibinong mileage of around 42 km, direction towards the junction of the Western Region Cigudeg districts. Southwest direction to the District Sukajaya ± 15 km and from this district be reached again within ± 9 km to get to that location. Urug village is the remains of a past civilization to date values ​​- values ​​ketradisiannya still maintained. Rope long cultural tradition that is still held by the public it is solid: 1. Settlement patterns: a. Arts Building: Housing is a custom home with the equations characterizing the materials used and the shape of the house and granary have a pit named leuit. b. Architecture: Characterized by the shape of the house on the tradition kesundaan (ngapak and towering bruiser dog). 2. Kinship: Which occupies the residence in Kampung Urug, another one is still brothers, in this ward known as Tatali Kahuripan. 3. Leadership: There built a large home / building Ageung which is the central / central authority of indigenous leadership, besides that there are also gedong Alit and gedong Pangkaleran. Indigenous leadership held by Conservative Ukat Ki, who is a descendant of the derivative to the previous 9. There are 3 leadership that controls the existence of the indigenous villages, among others: a. Kikolot Ukat Leubak kokolot also called, has the duty to control and maintain the traditions that have been handed down among others: Events seren epidemic, ruwatan, day - a great day of the Muslims and led the activities that are considered sacred. b. Kikolot Amat also called Middle kokolot, in charge of organizing society, deployment time and provide guidance for customary agreements being executed. c. Middle Kikolot named Rajaya addition to the operating instructions for rice cultivation for generations, on this occasion, he also maintains customs urug, always acting as "storytellers". Kampung Urug history, genealogy, history relating to the value - the value of a traditional village and a story that linked Urug king - king of Padjadjaran in Kampung Urug. 4. History Kampung Urug: Urug not spoken with the name offhand, it's hidden behind the word "GURU"; according pikukuh Kampung Urug indigenous beliefs, has been established since 450 years ago, the existence of a mandala urug with the people who cling to the customs will hold an exemplary kesundaan. According to the story Kampung Urug contemporaneous with the reign of King Nilakendra (1551 - 1569 AD) he was a pious and wise king and many serve on it - it magic, is said to rest - the rest of them patilasan devotion to the king still in Kampung Urug, commonly referred patilasan Kabuyutan or mandala is a place away from the crowds that used seclusion place or worship the creator is probably early happenings of the mandala begins urug gedong Ageung. According to existing data Urug Indigenous Village has average tourist traffic - average 80-100 people every month and if on the day - big hri can reach 600-800 people per day.

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