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    How to Whiten Skin Naturally Body

    How to Whiten Skin Naturally Body Have a beautiful skin and a dazzling white of course a dream for us, especially adolescent women who always want to look perfect in front of her partner. having white skin is not an easy thing, but it's not too hard either. All this time we humans iginnya almost instantaneous, like to have a white face, white body in a short time so that using cosmetics / powder thick that it will make you look tacky. The most powerful way is to go into medicine beauty, but it would be very expensive. How to whiten the face / skin has peeled a lot, but here I will add more of other things to memuthkan skin. as a science course, can also be applied for if you want to have a beautiful face. Multiply Drinking water - If you have dry skin, be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day!, 8 glasses of water a day is enough to replace fluids that exist in our bodies. sehngga our skin will not look dry / dull. Increase your vitamin C - Vitamin C is essential for our bodies, as well as our skin. Eat foods that contain lots of vitamin C, or fruits that many around us. Reduce coffee - If you are coffee lovers or lovers, it would be nice from now you reduce the habit of drinking coffee, if you want to have white skin. what is the effect of coffee? of course there is, which is a problem on the caffeine contained in coffee. enough sleep - Sleep is an important thing that is in a man, but of course in reasonable portions. should not be too long sleep, but also can not be less sleep. Enough sleep will greatly affect the health of our skin. just watch the people who are sleep deprived, they certainly face or skin look dry or dull. Sunscreen - Sunscreen is used to protect the skin from dangerous sun rays. Sunscreen is not only turned out well for the beauty, but also general health. Sunscreen protects your skin from the dangers of sun exposure Ultraviolet-A (UVA) and Ultraviolet-B (UVB). Stop Smoking - tobacco in a cigarette will constrict the blood vessels and disrupt the supply of oxygen to the entire body. Whatever your reason to keep smoking, smoking is not good for health tetep. this also has to do with the effects on your skin later. Avoid Stress - Mind stress or too much thought would be very disturbing and have adverse effects on our body. People who had been obese, when hit by severe stress can badannyapun down. Likewise with our skin, stress will also have an impact on our skin, so avoid stress. color of clothing - underwear color was also an effect on our skin. It's not about the suitability or performance alone, but this problem ultraviolet rays. Because of the different levels of reflection absorption for each color on the clothes. Use white color when you go out or forcing you to direct contact with sunlight. While riding the bus to avoid the window - If the previous time we went up we are happy bus windows, when you want to have a white face, from now dodge window. If you are forced to exist on the edge of the window, the window tutp. this is to avoid dust and ultraviolet rays. Be careful when choosing a whitening product - when we choose a whitening product, it is good we thoroughly first. Not all products with an expensive price was good, not all products at low prices are bad. carefully before buying and thoroughly before using. look for reviews on the internet about the products of your choice before using. Improve blood circulation with a towel - Our skin all liquid contents, (if you do not believe try in slices). the smooth circulation of blood is necessary for the health of our bodies. you can try with a towel in love warm water, then wipe the whole body in order to smooth blood circulation.

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