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    Urgent Alert - Our New Mega Bagger Play

    Hot headlines for G_T RL. Movies will be treated as capital
    investment by BEA. Bureau is tweaking calculation US proceeds. A
    film can be purchased year after year be can perceived as a
    financial asset it can be estimated after so the stock valuation
    shall jump!!! Cinematography corporation G_T RL can be analyzed more
    then a 4 bucks.

    Name: Get Real USA Inc.
    Sym: G_T RL

    This analyzing solution is not active yet, purchase on Monday
    acquire 7000 total of G_T RL on April 29.

    Ibnu Mas'ud Alfikry

    Ibnu Mas'ud Alfikry

    Independent Distributor Enagic

    Independent Distributor Enagic
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