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    Preserving the Quran (Bulletin 6/27/2012)

     In The Name Of God, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012


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    IslamiCity Hajj 2012!  

    Join IslamiCity Hajj - The journey of a lifetime, which every Muslim desires to take. Those fortunate enough to go are considered guests of God.

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                   Watch: Were Jesus, Moses & Abraham muslims?




    A Contemporary Review of Quran Preservation  
    Deen or what we loosely translate as religion or faith is in the realm of divinely revealed knowledge. We do not invent deen. We receive it. We believe that it is given to us by an authority, which is higher, objective and neutral. We believe that the higher authority chooses someone to receive the message through an angel. We use the terms Prophet (nabi) and the messenger (rasul) for the person who is chosen to deliver the divine message to humanity. The message itself confirms that it is not made up by human beings; rather, it is given by the Supreme Creator who has the interests of all in His mind, and who does not favor a race over the other, or one ethnicity or culture over the other.

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    Teaching Islam to Youth  

    "Train your children with a training different from your training, because they have been created for a period different from yours" [Sayyidna 'Ali]

    Muslim youth are under the hammer of two extremes; forced to live in virtually two different worlds. In homes; which are culturally Muslim, and in an environment outside the home, which tends to be challenging in many ways as well as Islamophobic in some circumstances. Youth fail to understand where they belong. Whatever they hear in many Mosques may seem meaningless to them in their daily lives, while in the real world they are exposed to the pressures of multiculturalism, assimilation and peer-pressures. The result is that they suffer from Identity Crises. Identity, we must remember, is vitally important for self-esteem and self-esteem is so crucial for mental, emotional and personality development. 

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    33 Bead Genuine ROSE QUARTZ Tasbih in a Velvet Gift Box

    Islamic Dua. The Prayer (Tasbi) of Bibi Fatima. 

    Ihram - TWO Soft and Thick Towels. 

    All bazar proceeds help IslamiCity's outreach efforts. IslamiCity.com is a non-profit website




    Were Jesus, Abraham, and Moses all muslims?  
    Dr. Zakir Naik discusses Prophet's Ibrahim, Musa, and Issa (may Allah be pleased with them).



    I found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality in a unifying faith far removed from the headlines of violence, destruction and terrorism.

    Yusuf Islam (formally Cat Stevens) (1948 CE - 


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